Welcome to WebbServerMC (PLEASE READ THE RULES)

adamwbb ADMINBuilderServer ADMINOWNER posted Aug 14, 17

WebbServerMC Is a Server with several Activities.

We have the following Worlds:

  • Creative This world you get a plot that is 1Kx1K blocks and UltraVIPs get access to WE in this world.
  • Survival This world you do basic survival and is for mostly vanilla gameplay (with the exception of the occasional attack from Herobrine)
  • Factions This world has more of a MMORPG feel. Here you are allowed to PVP others and there is a job system in place to earn money for your faction. This world includes shops around where you can spend the in game money on items that improve your faction.
  • Prison This world is not really playable and you DO NOT want to be here. You can visit this world via the /warp Prison command if you really want to see it but this world is designated as the holding area for those who break the rules.
  • Spawn This is your starting Hub where you can select your world to go to and will be the default spawn point when you die.
  • VIP World This world is for VIP's only.

Server Rules:
Please obey all server rules. Failure to do so will result in jailtime on server, mute, and/or Banishment from the server. Bans may be appealable through the web shop but if the issue is severe enough to cause a Global Ban you will not be allowed to appeal it.
Getting a Global Ban will affect your reputation and ability to join servers from other Networks.

  • No Griefing Griefing is not allowed in any form. This includes building Nazi Symbols which are not bing used as part of a historical part of a build, and building genitalia. Breaking this rule will Result in a Global Ban. Looting other players chests outside of Factions World is considered Griefing.
  • No Racism/Bullying Be respectful to Staff and Other Players. Depending on the Severity of the offense you can get a Global Ban. Most cases will result in either Mute, Jail, or Ban.
  • No Hacks Client Side mods (fly hacks, speed hacks, pvp kill aura hacks, xray [including xray resource packs], etc) that give you an unfair advantage are forbidden and will result in a Global Ban. Acceptable Client mods are minimaps (as long as they dont serve a xray function) and schematic mods (ones that post a ghost of a schematic to act as blueprints for a build). Causing Server Downtime (aka DDoS) will result in Legal action taken against you.
  • No Swearing Swearing will have a eaven nastier punishment. If caught swearing your character will explode destoying all items in your inventory.
  • No PVP outside of Factions All parties engaging in PVP outside of Factions World will be Jailed for 30 minutes. Repeat offences will result in banisment from server. Exceptions to this rule are when there is a Sanctioned Server Wide PVP Match that is monitored by a Staff Member ranked Admin or higher.
  • Have Fun Last but not Least HAVE FUN. Enjoy your time at WebbServerMC.

T.A.R.D.I.S Now Available in Survival.

adamwbb ADMINBuilderServer ADMINOWNER posted Jun 23, 18

Great News.

T.A.R.D.I.S is now available in the survival server.

This will allow you to teleport and explore more freely and rescue your friends when they are in danger. You can build our own or buy one from the NPC store at Survival Spawn.

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